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Employee Spotlight: Dillon Clift

Name: Dillon Clift

Position: GDD Technical Lead & Web Developer

Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Career Description:

The overall objective of my standpoint as Technical Lead on the GDD Team is to fill the gap stuck between all client-facing roles and implementation roles, as well as ensure excellence in all of the products to facilitate we develop and distribute to our clients.
Another facet of this role is being able to funnel and tutor our talented developers on the GDD team to sensation by given that support and training on multifaceted issues and projects to facilitate possibly will stand up.

Request us a little tad regarding your background and how you found Primitive.

I graduated from Northumbria University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in useful computing. After completing my studies, I unequivocal to be off on a four-month backpacking lose your footing around Southeast Asia, in a little city in northern Thailand, wherever I met a beautiful American female who I at once call my wife!

After the lose your footing was ended I returned to England and got a job as a junior developer on behalf of a company based away from home of Newcastle. My point at hand was remarkable and I got to experience many facets of development. This is wherever I exposed my passion on behalf of creating pixel finish digital experiences! Whilst honing my skills, I was providential a sufficient amount to take the capacity to be successful distantly, so the flexibility of the development role as well allowable me to recurrently visit my American sweetheart.

After definitely ended individual day of a long distance liaison, we unequivocal to take the leap and I stirred to the states. Shortly once sad, I motto a development opportunity online to be successful with a super cool company named Primitive Social, the company culture and scope of be successful impressed me and I was super eager to pursue the role.

When did you start with Primitive?

I in progress working with Primitive in demonstration of 2018

What would you say are around of the biggest changes you’ve veteran since working on Primitive?

I feel like in the two rapid years I’ve been with Primitive, at hand has been so much adjust. But I think more than everything I’ve felt a giant awareness of us maturing as a company. It’s a real pleasure to be successful with population who are masters in their craft and I feel we take to facilitate in all area at this juncture on Primitive.

Why puzzle out you think having knowledgeable trap developers is so influential in an agency like Primitive?

We take to grow and adapt with the industry and generate in no doubt we are leaders in to facilitate development. The Growth Driven Design brand has tainted everything in the awareness to facilitate all step of the project is masterfully well brain wave away from home. The wireframes take improved and the designs take improved, so the development has to every time be cold perimeter, as well, so we can generate our team and clients very proud of the bottom consequence.

What would you say are around of your favorite projects to facilitate you’ve worked on on Primitive?

Every GDD project so far has been very enjoyable, but I would say my special favourites so far take been:

The Primitive Rebrand – https://leadwithprimitive.Com
This was such a fun project to be successful on since not merely was the design a work of art, but the project represented the evolution of the company from Primitive Social to Primitive. We were able to start from the ground up and built a custom HubSpot position to facilitate is built to wow population and as well pause the test of point.

Another project to facilitate I’ve loved being a part of is the evolution and migration of sites to our in-house custom CMS, Bind.

Within such a rapid point, we’ve been able to acquire 50+ of our clients’ sites into Bind so they take access to all of the exclusive payback and skin it has to offer. It as well has a shiny fresh website to facilitate is able to boast all of its skin way better than I can! Https://getbind.Io/

How has Primitive shaped you into the leader you are these days?

I take to perform acknowledgment to the paradigm to facilitate is rest by our own leadership team at this juncture on Primitive. We are constantly being motivated and encouraged rejection be important could you repeat that? Is thrown on us. Having to facilitate support has enabled me to fanfare in my own role as Technical Lead on the GDD team.

What excites you the largely regarding Primitive’s outlook?

What we’ve been able to accomplish in the gone day. I think I can say with confidence to facilitate 2020 has been rejection one’s favourite day. But all the way through all of the hardships we’ve all had to be off through, we’ve been able to ring in concert and lean in to individual an additional and place away from home around remarkable be successful in the most recent 10 months. This strength and resilience fills me with excitement on behalf of could you repeat that? Is to take place in the outlook.

Now let’s dive more into you! Do you take a day after day routine or meticulous steps to facilitate you take all single period earlier than you start be successful?

I think I’d answer this question differently all three months or so since I don’t feel like I stick to a morning routine too much on behalf of some extended phase of point. There take been weeks this day wherever I’ll wake up 30 minutes earlier than initial the be successful period, but I don’t every time love persons mornings, ha! Recently though, I definitely purchased a “wake-up light” (thanks on behalf of the recommendation, Jeter) and to facilitate is really selection with my up-to-the-minute alarm point of 5:30.

After waking up I like to take a a small amount of minutes to relax and practice myself on behalf of the period. Part of to facilitate involves making a capacious pot of coffee so to facilitate my Primitive mug can stay to the top all morning 🙂

After coffee, I more often than not start the be successful period by read-through my inbox and next generate a checklist of goals to facilitate I neediness to accomplish on behalf of the period. I would save so much paper if I in progress using an app to keep these checklists, but there’s something so satisfying on behalf of me at what time I place a capacious line through each one of the goals as I complete them!

How puzzle out you like to stay motivated?

I like to break the period up into unique tasks, noticeably than staying on individual sizeable task on behalf of the majority of my period. I notice to facilitate flouting the period up into unique tasks on unique period is a remarkable way to stay motivated and not acquire puzzled in a groove. Aside from to facilitate, I like to try to influence my stubborn self to take regular breaks!

How puzzle out you notice enjoyment outside of be successful?

My wife and I love to travel. This day has been a tad of an outlier since we haven’t had too many trips to look mail to but being able to travel to fresh chairs is wherever we notice the largely enjoyment.

Living in Florida on behalf of the gone a small amount of years has inescapable I’ve had exposure to around activities to facilitate I don’t think I would take had I still been living in England. One of these is lobstering. It was recently mini-season which inescapable we were away from home on a friend’s craft almost all weekend irritating to catch as many as achievable!

I as well love to workout. After a relentlessly period on be successful there’s rejection better feeling than available to the gymnasium on behalf of a relentlessly session to sweat the period away from home.

How puzzle out you organize your be successful and private life? Do you feel as though you’ve achieved a well-mannered work-life balance?

I categorically feel like my work-life balance is exactly wherever it needs to be. Having been a remote employee on behalf of ended four years at once, I feel like I’ve been able to master the art of work-life balance.

I think individual of the largely influential things regarding getting the balance very well is making in no doubt you place 110% effort into each one task to facilitate you rest your mind to all the way through the period. If you’re smashing your goals and tasks away from home of the playground, it makes it a grouping easier to close your contraption on the bottom of the period and feel proud of the be successful you’ve place in.

What is something to facilitate not each one knows regarding you?

I intentional Thai boxing (Muay Thai) on behalf of two weeks at what time I was travelling in Asia. (Totally got beaten up all period!)

What is your secret to sensation (aside from your accent, of course)?

I think the accent is the level of my success… (just kidding!)

I think the main to sensation, as cliche as it possibly will sound, is relentlessly be successful and dedication. If you place hours and effort into something to facilitate you love responsibility, at hand is rejection doubt to facilitate it will shell out rotten. And patience… patience is a virtue to facilitate I now and then struggle with but as the old proverb says, “Rome wasn’t built in a period.”

I think if you’re able to be disciplined and place in your hours to the finest of your capacity, sensation will be on the other bank waiting on behalf of you.

Are at hand some terminology of wisdom or everything besides to facilitate you would like to pass along?

I can speak publicly speech marks of athletes all period, but this is individual to facilitate I ring a bell myself of very often.

“Absorb could you repeat that? Is functional, deny could you repeat that? Is useless, add could you repeat that? Is largely your own.” – Bruce Lee

And at long last, if you can merely watch individual small screen explain or motion picture on behalf of the take it easy of your life, could you repeat that? Would it be?

I’m available to be a go away from home and say Game of Thrones. I racked my brains on behalf of five minutes irritating to think of a cool and unique explain or motion picture to facilitate I can watch all period on behalf of the take it easy of point. But GOT is wherever the hub is! The explain is definitely so crazy and I don’t think I will forever acquire sick of watching it. (Ok, maybe not the most recent season.)

Crackling Fireplace is as well quite the work of art on Netflix.

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